The pleasantly refurbished cargo barge Kaffee De Planck is famous for its extensive beer menu with no less than 125 different beers. In addition, De Planck offers an excellent, traditionally brewed house beer going by the name of ‘Planckske’. The beer house is well-recommended in Belgian and foreign beer guides. Moreover, the owner holds the label of Ambassador Cum Laude for the Trappist beer Orval. This gives you the choice between a perfectly served young or mature Orval, cold or at room temperature.

Food café De Planck also serves delicious meals and snacks and each day of the week the 'Today's specials' are presented on the board at the entrance.

As a true hedonist you will find exactly what you are looking for in this beer house: excellent beer, good food and interesting conversation. The inviting and cosy atmosphere in the hold of the barge agrees well with the many artisanal beers on the menu and it is a delight to sit on the ship’s deck during sunny days.