Beer suggestion of the month

Each month Kaffee De Planck focuses on a special beer, which is not included in our menu. For this we select a draught or bottled beer from a small, traditional brewery.

During the whole month you are invited to come over and taste our selected beer. If available, you are also welcome to buy several bottles while stock lasts.  

We would like to draw your attention to Cuvée des Trolls

Cuvée des Trolls is a blond, filtered, fresh and full flavour beer with a wholesome and well-balanced taste. It is an exceptionally digestible beer with an alcohol level of 7%.

Cuvée des Trolls is aromatised with dried orange peel, which gives it a slightly sweet, fruity ale taste and an enchanting aroma. This well-balanced combination of bitter, sour and sweet tastes, created a beer with a perfect, harmonious fullness. A very tasteful and pleasant beer!